the first Certified Passivhaus in England, by Seymour-Smith Architectsthe AI PassivHaus

7th January 2010

We had about 14 inches of snow on the 5th, and there’s absolutely no sign of it melting any time soon. We should have been installing our ventilation system this week, but there’s no chance of any materials being delivered, or indeed of anybody getting up to site to install them.  Hey ho – another week’s holiday then...

It really is beautiful, but not much good for house-building...  Some are saying this is the coldest winter since 1963...

9th January 2010

The access road up to site – good for tobogganing!

And the view – worth the walk! (We went up to empty the de-humidifier that has been running over Christmas.)

Inside the house, it’s fascinating to see the dark area of condensation on the ceiling to the left of the beam. That’s because we didn’t quite finish insulating that area of the barn floor above before Christmas, and as the air in the house starts to warm up, moisture in it condenses against any cold surfaces. Shows how effective insulation is...

13th January 2010

Still Snowing...

but amazingly, and with many thanks to Richard and his tractor and trailer, some ductwork is delivered, and the guys from Ductwork Services battle their way up the hill to start installing it.

So, here’s the first bit of ventilation ductwork in place!

14th January 2010

Not just snow, but freezing fog now too - excellent!  This is in fact the view of our house from the access track - hmmm...

20th January 2010

Thankfully no more snow (it has put our finishing programme completely out of the window), and the ductwork is nearly finished, and is now being protected ready for the following trades.

22nd January 2010

And our enormous ventilation system is in now too. This very clever piece of kit (the Paul Campus 500) will extract heat from the stale outgoing air and use it to heat the fresh incoming air.

26th January 2010

We’re thrilled to have P3 on site starting the internal plastering and painting – feels like the end may finally be in sight...

Good to see the Polystorm water storage cells coming in useful again – no site should be without them!

And really fantastic to see the difference even this undercoat of plaster (StoLevell in Mur) makes to the feeling of light and space.

29th January 2010

With plastering progressing well, we’re really thrilled to have heard today that we have been awarded official Passivhaus Certification.  Although not the first in the UK (there are two in Wales and one in Scotland), this is the first in England.  It really is a great piece of news, and many thanks are due to all who have been involved...