the first Certified Passivhaus in England, by Seymour-Smith Architectsthe AI PassivHaus

2nd June 2010

Jim and Andy hard at work constructing our lovely shelves.

while Mariusz has been busy building our “hearth”

3rd June 2010

The shelves looking really rather cool, if I may say so myself...

4th June 2010

and the newly rendered hearth looking crisp and splendid too...

10th June 2010

The gap between the screed floor finish and the walls is being expertly filled by Mariusz – lots of walls - it’s a mammoth task...

14th June 2010

Jim puts his hand to constructing our Ikea cupboard carcasses. Very much more cost effective than making them from scratch, and will be made fabulous by a bespoke front.

Meanwhile, Mariusz is working his way around all of the windows, cleaning and touching up the paint.

16th June 2010

Andy and Jim working on the framework around the Ikea cupboards.

and the Utility Room cupboards are coming together nicely too.

17th June 2010

With the hearth now built, Barry and Mark are able to get started on the “fireplace”, which we’re incredibly excited about.  (The plasterboard is pink because it's fireproof, being in close proximity to the stove, and we're using metal studs rather than timber for the same reason.)

Meanwhile, Jim is making great progress with our splendid cupboards...

which we think look positively wonderful by the end of the day

21st June 2010

Having finished the rather-fine-looking fireplace...

our plasterboarding duo move on to tackle the lowered ceiling over the entrance hall.

And painting of the new cupboard doors is underway the minute they’re finished, to seal them and prevent them from bowing.

24th June 2010

Sto paint buckets coming in handy, as well as their contents, with which these cupboard doors are being painted.

29th June 2010

The “grass” roof looking rather lovely covered with poppies (albeit not intentionally)

30th June 2010

Charlie of Cotswold Green Energy fine-tuning our MVHR controls.