the first Certified Passivhaus in England, by Seymour-Smith Architectsthe AI PassivHaus

13th May 2010

We have a TV aerial! Hurrah! May even get to live here soon at this rate…

Jim is cracking on with our bathroom shelves

and the Kitchen worksurface receives a little more t.l.c.

19th May 2010

Our lovely new ovens have arrived! (We had much debate about electric vs. bottled gas and the environmental merits of each, and electric won on balance.)

and we’ve got sofas too – what luxury!

20th May 2010

Our TiSUN thermal store gets its insulated jacket – this is 100mm of recycled plastic bottles, which will mean that the store loses no more than 1 degree of heat per day – not bad…

The chaps from Windrush roofing are making a start on the capping for the top of the waterproofing and rendered insulation that wraps around the base of the barn.

And by the end of the day, the solar heat exchanger is also insulated nice and snugly. (This clever bit of kit ensures the hottest water is always delivered to the top of the tank, so always making the most of the available heat.)

25th May 2010

We’ve moved in!

Having decided that lights and doors are frivolous luxuries we’re happy to do without, we’re immensely chuffed with all the wonderful space…

not to mention our stunning kitchen. Looking rather sculptural in its “naked” state…

26th May 2010

Our first fire - exciting stuff!  Looking forward to winter nights putting the world to rights in front of this...

30th May 2010

Here’s the ever-changing view from our window – not bad…

and it’s lovely to finally have a dedicated place to hang the washing to dry. No worries with condensation in this utility room though – the mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system sucks all the hot damp air from this room, and uses the heat to warm the fresh air being supplied to the rest of the house.