the first Certified Passivhaus in England, by Seymour-Smith Architectsthe AI PassivHaus

2nd November 2009

Tom is busy laying more of the blue Dow Styrofoam insulation over the recently waterproofed terrace and walled garden.

4th November 2009

It's wonderfully satisfying to see the sunlight streaming in through our splendid new windows...

18th November 2009

A very exciting day as the team from Geotechnical Engineering turn up with their rig to drill the borehole for our water supply.  Although the desktop studies show they are likely to find water here, it is still a great relief when they do hit the water table at 22 metres.  They then continue down another 30 metres...

The drillers also line the borehole with a slotted liner at lower levels to allow water to percolate and a solid liner near the surface.

20th November 2009

CB Solar Shading have come to install automated external blinds above the study and bedroom windows that face south west. With all this glazing which brings such benefits in passive solar heating in the winter, it is equally important to ensure the house doesn’t overheat in the summer.

24th November 2009

The first of our Sto insulated render system is applied.

A short while later, most of the first facade has been covered, thanks to the very speedy Turbo-fix system and interlocking panels. The adhesive sticks the insulation boards to the concrete without the need for mechanical fixings which would be cold bridges, which passivhaus strives to avoid.

25th November 2009

By the next day, it’s starting to look really rather splendid.  Incidentally, some of the insulation is looking less than pristine white because we had incredibly strong winds last week.  Despite the insulation having been carefully weighted down, lots of it ended up at the bottom of the field...  luckily this won't affect the final appearance once it's rendered.

If it weren’t for the protective covering on the windows, this would show how the insulation covers over the window frames.

26th November 2009

Tom finishes insulating the “gin & tonic” terrace

and the guys from N B Renders crack on with the facade insulation, here being applied over the external blinds.