the first Certified Passivhaus in England, by Seymour-Smith Architects

the AI PassivHaus

Passivhaus design

Our house is designed to meet the German Passivhaus standard. Developed in 1996, five years after the first experimental Passivhaus project, the Passivhaus standard relies upon a very simple set of premises; very high levels of insulation, elimination of cold bridges, super-insulated triple glazed windows orientated to the south to maximise passive solar gain, and an incredibly well sealed building fabric. It also has a mechanical ventilation system to provide excellent air quality and highly efficient heat recovery.

As a result of these relatively simple concepts, the building retains heat from passive solar gain, activities such as cooking, watching television and showering, and uses it to eliminate the need for a central heating system. If we get cold, we’ll have a party, or get another dog...

It is estimated that using the Passivhaus method to construct a typical house results in an 90% reduction of carbon emissions compared to that of an average home. By adding renewables, ours will be carbon neutral.

There are over 15,000 completed Passivhaus projects on the continent. Ours is the first to have been certified in England (certified by the Scottish Passive House Centre in January 2010, on behalf of the Passivhaus Institute).

It’s important to note that Passivhaus does not dictate the design or external appearance of the house. It is simply a method of calculating the amount of insulation, glazing, thermal mass etc. to make the best use of passive solar gain, and ensure that the resulting internal climate will always be comfortable.